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Dec. 1st, 2010


Whoa!! Today is the first day I really listen SuG discography since 3 years! I was thinking of the J-rock Invasion in Koln (Germany) where I gone I wanted to listen again some visual band like the GazettE, SuG, and other. Now I especially listen J-Pop (Kanjani8!! <3) but I like visual kei, metal and Rock too =)

Oh! Yesterday I've done shopping with a friend and I've bought some girl's clothes! Really impressive when you know I wearing only mens clothes. It's really sexy clothes too.. But I feel fine =)

Since the last week-end the snow is falling... It's beautyful!!! Actually, I hate snow but I don't know why, I love it here...

Now it's 6am and I have to clean my room before my friend arrive. She will give me some food (<3)!! I don't want to clean my room, but I have to... It's apocalypse!!! ><
So I'll do it...

I will post again more often I think...

Again, sorry for my mistakes!

Have a nice day!!! \o/

Nov. 6th, 2010

I hate Japanese Exam!! >

Yesterday I had my result for my Japanese civilisation exam... 4,25/20... I'm really a big shit v___v
And the day before yesterday, I had my result for my Japanese comprehension exam... 14/20 =D
For other results I have to wait for the next week... And I'm affraid to tell to my mother my result in civilisation T-T
For the moment, I look some photos of Kanjani8... Especially Okura Tadayoshi!!! He's really beautiful! I'm so fan! ><
But... I'm so bored... I don't know what I can do during this week-end... 2 of my friends are in a wedding and my other friends live too far... Maybe I'll go to Nasu's home tonight =D
Strasbourg is a very great city but... It's really dead the week-end! And I have to take my Guinea Pig (Eden, like the song of Kanjani8) with me...
Aaaaah! I've watched too much videos of Kanjani8 and now, I don't know what to watch... T-T
I have to clean my room too.... T-T
It's really difficult to live in a room with no kitchen, no toilet and no shower... All is commun... Rhaaaaa!! I want my own appartment!!! >< Maybe next year...  I hope so!
Oh, I take some photos of my Guinea Pig!!!

He's so cute, isen't he? I love him!!!
Eden, the man of my life XD

So I'll finish here!!

See ya!

Oct. 23rd, 2010

I'm so tired!

I'm really tired...
My Japanese exam are finished since yesterday but I'll know my results only next week... I'm so stressed!!!
But today, I'll go to my parent's house for a week and after, (for the week-end) I'll go to my Okan and Oton's house!!! It'll be great!!
So, I've a egyptian exam friday the 5th november.... I don't understand at all v___v Old egyptian is very difficult you know... More difficult than the Japanese language...
My guinea pig are sleeping... And I think I have to buy some cigarettes for my trip... My oncle, his girlfriend and my cousin come to my parent's house for the hollydays... I love my oncle and my cousin but my aunt... No. I don't want to see her v___v That's why I'll go to see my best friend and other friends in town during the week and I'll go back to Strasbourg early =D
I'll do my homework too! I've a lot of homework v___v And I must learn Katakana (a Japanese alphabet) because I don't know it at all and I must to know... It's toooooooo difficult T-T
So, I'll prepare my bag and the bag of Eden!!!

Have a nice day!!! \(^o^)/

Oct. 22nd, 2010


Yeah!! Now it's holydays! It's really so nice!!!
University is very annoying... I haven't a lot of lessons but... I've a lot of homework and Japanese language is more difficult than I was thinking...
But during this time I've discoverd a new japanese Band... KANJANI8!! 「関ジャニ8」
This band is really good! Their musics are beautiful (sometimes very funny!) They are really funny too!! Their Tv shows are very... interresting XD
I love it!!!
So, if you can, try to have more information about them!!

Oh! I've a Guinea Pig!! His name is Eden. It's the title of a wonderful song of Kanjani8. Is really cute but... he's a pieace of shit! AAAAAAH!! But I love him! <3

So, I stop here!! I'll play with Eden!!

See you soon!

Aug. 13th, 2010


I think I really smoke too much... I can't stop T-T If I've really a sport center in my flat, I'll try to stop smoking and make some sport! Yeah!
Actually, I want to sing again... But if I smoke, my voice is worse than 3 or 4 years ago... If I work hard I'm sure I can have a better voice!
I've written some lyrics in English (my teacher had corrected my mistakes!!) But, I've no music... I've some ideas but I can't please my little brother to help me because he loves metal and I don't want to sing metal... Maybe Pop/Rock... I love metal, this is not the question! But my voice is not for this kind of music... And I've some problems with my right ear v____v It's really difficult to sing in the right ton when you don't hear you.... I've to go to the doctor... But not today! Today I'll go in an attraction park with my family! I'm sure it will be great! (I'd prefer to go in Europapark (a German attraction Park) but it's too expensive! And my little sister prefer the French attraction Park (it's not Disney Land Paris, it's Nigloland))
Yesterday, I've watch too much anime in vostfr and now, I speak Japanese with my parents sometimes! He doesn't me... I must stop it... But I have to learn my Japanese lesson if I want to be the best student of my University!!! I'll work hard!  want to go studying in Tokyo in 2 years! I'll pray too I think... v___v
It's 1:20am and I've to wake up in 5:30am... But I took a nap this afternoon. (I woke up in 4:00am v__v)
I hope you understand what I write... Sorry for the mistakes!
I don't know what to do for sleep now!!! I'm not tired! But I know, if I don't sleep now, I'll want to take a nap in the attraction park! >o<
So, I think I'll go back to my bed!...

Good Night Every one!! またね!!!

Aug. 12th, 2010


ウー~ ツーツールー~!

I`m watching K-ON! It`s really funny!! I love it!!! But now, I want a new band. I had one for 3 or 4 years but it was a disaster... -___-
A friend of mine want to become bassist in my band but... She lives in Paris and me in Strasbourg.
You have to take the train for 2 or 3 hours each time. She told she will do it but... It's really expensive! And I think I'll try to find a band in university... But only if I have enough free time. The priority is for studies, job and my family!
BUT I WANT TO SING AGAIN IN A BAND!! A real band this time. In my first band, I'd no time to sing. The other members change song before I can singing or write the lyrics.
And the second... was not a real band...
But no problem! I love singing! I'll try hard to have a band!



Aug. 5th, 2010

Everything and nothing as usual!

Japanese meal was so delicious!! >o<

With my little brother we ate a lot of sushi and sashimi!! I love it!!! >o<
I'd thank my mum who's give the money to us!!!


So, I don't know what I can write...

I'll let you here for today!!

See ya~!!
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Aug. 2nd, 2010


Yesterday was a very great day!!! The first without parents!! Yeah, I know, I don't live with my parents anymore... I lived alone for since one year but, at my parents' home, it's totally different!!! It's better!! We have food, drink, we haven't to go at the supermarket everydays!
We was going in bad at 6:00am and now it's 11:00am... I can smoke in the living room!!!! The paradise!

With my little brother we watch some Japanese Dramas! I try to find some dramas he loves. He likes Samouraï high school and Yukan Club! Maybe later we will watch the fourth season of House MD!

I don't what meal I can prepare... Maybe some pasta... I don't know!
I think we'll go at a Japanese restaurant Wednesday... It will be great!!

So, I'll go to clean the living room now!!

See ya!~  Tu tu loo~!

Aug. 1st, 2010

Nothing... Or just a little =D

Today was the last day before my parents' hollydays! For one week or more!! =D
The next night, with my brother, we'll be allowed to make some noise!! It's great!! >o<

I'll watch a lot of japanese dramas and listen a lot of music!!
And when my parents will be back, I'll studying seriously my japanese lessons...
And I'll try to find a job... Because I need some money for the next summer hollydays!

... It's not sure but with a friend of mine, we want to go in South Korea... In Busan, visit the town and take the boat to go in Japan... And walk through Japan to go in Tokyo spend a week... But we have to buy a ticket to take plane, and buy some food and the boat... I think we'll sleep in inhabitants houses... We have to find some people...

If we go, I'll post the photos there! But if we can't to that, we'll go in London... It's less far than South Korea and cheaper...

I'd like to go in Germany but I don't speak German anymore... I'd learned German for 7 years and when I stopped to learn Japanese for 2 years, I've totally forget German...
I understand a little but I can't speak...

I don't like Spania... Even if my friend speak very well this language... (it's is birth language, she comes from Peru...)

I don't know why I writte here often...
I think it's like a personal dairy... I like it but I don't like to write with pens... I prefer computer... Maybe that why I write here.

I think none of my friend knows this dairy... And it's better like that... Maybe one day...

Fuu~ I've to go smoking... I hate smoking, but I can't stop for the moment! Maybe when I'll be in University... Only future know it...

Once more, I'm tired but I can't sleep!! Fukc! Fuuu~

Oh! During this week I've to take care of my skin!!! >o<  I didn't care for two weeks and now, my face s only anarchy! I don't really care about my apperence but... I won't be a monster!! >o<

So~ I'll smoke!!!

Byebye!! tu tu loo~

Jul. 29th, 2010

My sleep runs away...

... I CAN'T SLEEP!!!! >o<
I'm tired but I can't...
I hate it!

It's not really a insomnia (when I sleep, I sleep enough) but... I can't sleep early...
I have to learn how to sleep early before to go at University... I have to be the best of my class if I want to go studying in Tokyo in 2 years... Or Nagoya... I don't know...

I've already go in this two towns... One day in Tokyo and 2 days in Nagoya... I was living in a japanese family in a town name Gifu, near Nagoya... I've still three weeks in Japan for my 17th birthday!!! It was so great!!!

I love Japan...
Sure, I've known Japan thanks to mangas and after thanks to visual kei... But I've discovered a real culture... It's totally amazing to be there!

I love Enka (traditional Japanese music), Japanese traditions, Japanese food (especially sobas!!! Tu tu loo~!)

In October I start university... I will learn Japanese... I've learned Japanese language for 2 years but it was too difficult... It wasn't real class... And I'd only 5pts in Japanese in my exam...It was really embarrasing, don't you think?

I'm really sorry for all my mistakes in english... I know I make a lot of mistake but I think I'll never change! =D
One of my american friend think it was cute... I don't think so...
American people think it's sexy to speak english with a french accent... I think it's totally ugly!!! >o< It sounds like a... Farmer XD

I speak with an american accent... My english teacher thinks it's really impressive XD A lot of french people speak with a british accent... But I can't... And I better understand american people than british XD It's strange XD

My friends (who's speaking very well english) doesn't always understand me XD It's totally funny!

Umm... I think I'll watch a Cartoon KAT-TUN and try to sleep!!

Tu tu loo~! See ya!
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